Best 5 Parks to adore the beauty of mountains

To define Kinabalu National Park, Mount Kinabalu is wrapped in wonderful and amazing thick green blanket of vegetation. Today Kinabalu National Park is identified as one of the finest most wonderful biological sites in the world, earning status of UNESCO World Heritage, Mount Kinabalu is highly visited. Those who cannot plan how to climb up toughest and difficult slopes of Mount Kinabalu, savoring the Kinabalu National Parks is one of the finest alternatives for sure. One may witness the number of plant species, with a number of pitcher plants and orchids, varying birds and different mammals. Walk in the park always offers bliss and peace. There are dipterocarp and coniferous forests also panoramic alpine meadow plants.

Kota Kinabalu Park, Canopy Walkway and Poring Hot Springs Tour 

Kinabalu Park is seen to cover the area around 754 square kilometers encircling the highest mountain of Borneo the Mount Kinabalu. Highly known around for the sulfur water, tourists would get a chance to enjoy the Poring Hot Spring. Enjoy serenity here with the friendly, professional guide, you will come across the locals selling traditional foodstuff at Nabalu Market together with homegrown fresh fruits and vegetables together with handicrafts that work as souvenir. Here you will see, lush botanical garden and perceive attractive scenery. Take pleasure in unique plant and animal life. During this full-day trip to Mt Kinabaly along with the Kinabalu Park, one may enjoy the full day tour to enjoy hot springs, impressive scenic beauty, rolling hills and birds-eye-views above the forest canopies. The local guide will be taking the tourists to Malaysia’s most pleasing landscape and point out aboriginal flora and fauna lengthways. Relish the local lunch also enjoy a pleasing dip in Poring Hot Springs, also there is that wonderful scope for canopy walk while enjoying the treetops Excellent views. There are streams and waterfalls.

Kinabalu Park and Bamboo Spring Tour

Take pleasure in mini streams, climbing up the rock, enjoying delightful lunch at a restaurant, away from the commotion of the busy city, Kinabalu Park and Bamboo Spring Tour relaxes mind. Passing through the local villages, take pleasure in mountainous roads that go along the Crocker range. The scenic drive remains etched in mind. The majestic view of Mount Kinabalu seems impressive, following the natural trails, visitors may soak themselves in stimulating sulfurous water.

Weston Wetland Park

The park has its location at Weston town. This park, however, offers wonderful refuge to local and international tourist. There are varying activities to relax your mind and soul such as river cruise and river fishing also discovering the wildlife such as Silver Langur,Crocodiles,Proboscis Monkey, Long Tailed Macaques and more.

Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park

The park offers an amazing opportunity for scuba and snorkeling. If you are lucky you will see cluster of turtles and some of those black tip sharks wandering across. The park is wonderful for nature lovers as well as for honeymooners. The white sandy beaches and pristine water, the beautiful aquatic life together with good food.

Tanjung Aru Perdana Park

Perdana Park is an exquisite serene park near the water. One can enjoy those running and walking track. With the falling night, the lush landscape changes colors and the pond fountains come to life. Here the music and shows are worth watching. One may come across some turtles and big carps.