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Best 5 shopping malls of the city in Sabah

Kota Kinabalu impresses tourists with many things such as the amicable and friendly behavior of the locals, breathtaking sunsets, thriving art and music also broad potpourri of culinary surprises. Kota Kinabalu is best for honeymoon couples as expensive luxury condos are waiting to welcome them. Along with markets selling genuine pearls and other sea treasures there are ritzy new malls where varying international items are traded. The city is alive all throughout as the nightlife here is blazing and exciting for all.

Best 5 Parks to adore the beauty of mountains

To define Kinabalu National Park, Mount Kinabalu is wrapped in wonderful and amazing thick green blanket of vegetation. Today Kinabalu National Park is identified as one of the finest most wonderful biological sites in the world, earning status of UNESCO World Heritage, Mount Kinabalu is highly visited. Those who cannot plan how to climb up toughest and difficult slopes of Mount Kinabalu, savoring the Kinabalu National Parks is one of the finest alternatives for sure. One may witness the number of plant species, with a number of pitcher plants and orchids, varying birds and different mammals. Walk in the park always offers bliss and peace. There are dipterocarp and coniferous forests also panoramic alpine meadow plants.

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Best 5 landmarks in Sabah

Sabah is one highly recognized Malaysian state and the tallest mountain Mount Kinabalu has tapped attention for its 4,095m altitude is actually intriguing for tourist and hikers. Sabah is also well known for the pristine, golden beaches, copious wildlife, coral reefs, rainforest also there are reserves and parks. Also, there are islands Sipadan and Mabul which attract tourists so much that the islands remain crowded all the time.

15 best thrilling adventure activities in Sabah

When you visit the island nation of Sabah in the Malaysian archipelago, you are simply awestruck by the natural beauty that abounds this tiny paradise on earth. Besides, giving your eyes a feast, you can indulge in a number of daredevil activities before you return home to your normal daily lives. Check out these 15 adventurous activities if you wish to get a spike in your adrenaline level in Sabah.

5 best places to explore the wildlife in Sabah

Sabah is known for its ethereal panoramic exquisiteness also the plantation and wilderness is worth giving a try. Tourists who are interested in exploring wildlife out would get enough exposure here in Sabah. The major part of Sabah is forest and wilderness. The wild animals would certainly astound tourists with their wild instinctive behavior. Although most of the animals would be familiar to you but few are there, unique and endangered a species.

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