Top 5 islands of Kota Kinabalu

Top 5 islands of Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu islands are significant in a way, their contribution to make up the area for national marine conservation is noticeably great. The islands like Gaya Island and other five islands are not very far from Kota Kinabalu, only 10 to 15-minute walk.  The islands of Kota Kinabalu are respectively Sapi,Mamutik Gaya, Manukan, and Sulug. While naming the islands, the park Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park is one of the most adorable tourist attractions and these islands have parts in it. One may enjoy number of activities for example snorkeling, sunbathing, diving, water sports and even jungle trekking.

Gaya Island                                                        

This island is the biggest one and part of it can be traced in Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, rest lies outside the park and along the line of it, a water village community has been thriving for long. ‘ Gaya’ means big and its expanse is 15km².  The forest of Gaya shelters array of wild animals, such as wild boar, proboscis monkeys, macaques, Hornbills, varying snakes and more. Not only animals but large assortments of insects are also here to surprise tourists with abrupt appearance. This island is certainly suitable for trekking as from easy to tough, from difficult to adventures, varying trekking routs can be planned. There are 20km of hiking trails. The amazing coral reefs epitomize primeval elegance. The underwater world of Kota Kinabalu entices tourists with their beautiful show of shallow reefs. There are unobtrusive mangrove forests. 

The headquarter of Sabah Parks is located here also the dive station, for luxurious stay Bunga Raya Resort can be tried, the resort is a secluded escape with its face towards the ocean while nestling on side of jungle wrapped hill. There are other resorts such as Gaya Island Resort and Gayana Eco Resort.

Manukan Island

Second largest in size and comparatively developed. For its flat surface tourists get lot of space to roam about, it is one of the best and popular tourist destinations. Manukan means fish in local term but the name must have been taken from Kadazan which means chicken and the island was identified for wild chickens. There are plenty of restaurants, water activity operators, Rustic Borneo would be arranging chalet accommodations on demand. There are colorful fishes, amazing view of Sulug island can be experienced from Sunset Point.

Sapi Island

After Manukan, this is one of the popular islands. There is that stunning white beach and the other beaches are wonderful for snorkeling. The shallower corals are extensively damaged but the rocky outcrops shelter fish for survival. Sapi Island is excellent as a diving spot

Sulug Island

This island is known as the idyllic desert island and tourists love the place for picnic pleasure. Sulug makes wonderful diving spot and the reefs are not more than 30m deep.

Mamutik Island

This is the smallest one among the 5 islands. Gradually this island is gaining more popularity. Mosquito attack is frequent, there are that dive station and the coral reefs. These reefs are wonderful to look at, they are in good condition.