Also known as, the Diver’s paradise, this place in the Tawau division of the Malaysian subcontinent is one of the most serene and calm places in the entire land. Surrounded with clear, blue waters of the sea and housing beautiful corals, the place is like a gateway to aqua- heaven. The city is located on the eastern coast of the Sabah land, the city of Semporna serves as a starting point for the islands off the eastern coastal area. These islands are famous for aquatic activities, which include diving, snorkelling, underwater swimming, and many such interesting activities. The town is so small that one can visit the hidden corners by foot. Even though commercial vehicles are present, visiting the land on foot and enjoying the beauty of the ambiance is something one will not come across in daily life. After all, nature has its own way of healing our mind and calming our frenzied nerves.

In terms of human population, the city is quite lonely. However, the same cannot be said in case of natural inhabitants. Therefore, if you visit the place, you can well expect to be surrounded by these amazing creatures and it can be certainly said that their company is quite refreshing and soothing. The inhabitants of the place consist of the Bajau Laut cult who is primarily the anglers of the area. However, with years, the cult has adopted several other practices like shrimp farming, aquacultural works on the industrial level and so on. The cult is known as ‘sea gypsies’, owing to the fact that they survive on the gifts from the sea and hence, they are well familiar with the different tales of the beautiful seas surrounding Semporna. Their annual cultural festival is a sight to behold because of its terrific glory and rich cultural importance. Regatta Lep-Lepa celebration is their annual program, held in the month of April, towards the end of the spring season. It is during this festival that the entire Semporna comes alive with the brightly colored fishing boats scattered in the sea, waiting to take part in the prestigious Bajau Laut boat race.

One of the main attractive points of Semporna is the abundant number of restaurants facing the sea and the delicious cuisine each restaurant offers to the tourists. Starting from local foods to the famous Chinese coffee, one can experience mind-blowing diversity on the menu. The city is known for the white sandy beaches that are located off the coast, scattered in multiple positions and leading to some of the wonderful coral reefs under the sea. These areas are the favorites of the tourists who engage themselves in underwater diving and experiencing the amazing water world of the bright and colorful corals and sea anemones. In the Semporna Coral triangle, one can find the highest number of marine species, a diversified aqua world, starting from eels, white tip sharks to tropical fishes. Sipadan Island is the highly recognized Semporna Island, housing the highest number of marine lives and being granted as the fifth most famous dive site in the world.