The Capital of Sabah

The Capital of Sabah

The capital of Sabah is Kota Kinabalu and this capital city, set up right along the west coast of Sabah "the Land below the Wind", was earlier identified as Jesselton. This is one major Malaysian state of Borneo, the capital city is quite close to Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. This park is identified for number of water activities such as hiking, diving, beach and varying other nature opportunities. The locals address KOTA KINABALU as KK and this capital is practically doorway to explore out Sabah’s treasures. The place has so much to offer in shape of food and thrilling nightlife and varying other fun filled activities. You can always keep yourself occupied when you are in KOTA KINABALU. Under the shelter of grandiose Mount Kinabalu together with the stretchy fringes of the South China Sea, KOTA KINABALU is one lively variant that has so many colors and treasures to share with. The city has international airport and hotels, number of restaurants and cafes, business districts and shopping malls. So it can be concluded as KOTA KINABALU is one of the modern cities with 350,000 inhabitants.

Building and Monuments

There are number of heritage buildings which have been enticing tourists for years, for example  Sabah Tourism Building, Atkinson Clock Tower, other historical Buildings lengthways the expanse of Gaya Street. There is feeder bus which moves across the inner city the other parts of the city can easily be covered by foot. Tunku Abdul Rahman Parks poses the prime attraction for the tourists and visitors as here one can enjoy relaxing, snorkeling and an extensive multiplicity of water activities.

Main Attractions

There are number of attractions that are why foreigners and locals crowd here, Signal Hill Observatory people love visiting to witness the cry of varying birds. The Tun Mustapha Tower, this is one 30-storey building, now the exclusive feature of the building is circular structure as backed by strong steel rods, profiling greatest engineering marvel and in this world this building is admired for its engineering genius. Then there is State Mosque wonderfully adorned with enormous domes and motifs. Muslim population of KOTA KINABALU hover here, then there is that Likas Mosque and this is the largest in the state. Likas Bird Sanctuary is also quite striking.

The Museum

Then there is that The State Museum pursues the construction of Murut and Rungus. The museum showcases collection of human skulls, old photographs,valued south East Asia ancient pottery, totemic figures also some of the Korean pottery. There is that Heritage Village of the museum where life size replicas are there also traditional houses with ethnic cultures and values.

Tourism Board Building

The Sabah Tourism Board building features heritage contour. This building used to be a postal office, there is that attractive stretch of sandy coastline, there was that former railway tracks that underpins short-lived era of British Colonial Rule. The building was one of the primary tourist helpdesk, however it wants functional for 24*7.

Major shopping Centers

Who doesn’t love shopping? All the shopping malls are scattered across and unbelievably there are so many things to buy. Among the popular shopping malls there are Imago Shopping Mall, Suria Sabah, One Borneo Hypermall, KomplexKaramunsing Shopping Mall and more.