An amazing half day North borneo train ride for the nature lovers

An amazing half day North borneo train ride for the nature lovers

Sabah the tropical heaven, situated on the northern piece of Borneo is the place where the well known, prominent and sacred Mt. Kinabalu is kept ensured. The place is practically a melting pot of different rare plants, animals, meadows, grooves and this is precisely what all trekking lovers long for.

For nature lovers, Sabah is certainly a place to pay visit once in a lifetime. The exotic scenic beauty will certainly be capturing your soul. The romantic old steam train journey will etch an everlasting memory in your heart. The half day North Borneo Railway Train Ride is a journey of exploring out the true essence of Borneo. You will be transported back in time, when there were Chartered Company used to run the trains and English planters used to cut and carry the woods from the Borneo jungle, seeking riches. You may not be a train lover or may feel exhausted thinking about the boring steam engine journey but North Borneo rail excursion is one of the best ways to relish the lush landscape of the rural as well as the shoreline regions of Sabah. Since it is a once in a lifetime journey, so it would certainly be better to enjoy the steam engine ride.

Experiencing the Ride

Take the ride of Vulcan Steam Engine while enjoying the ethereal scenic beauty. The railway journey would be giving you the best ever experience, bringing back to your mind the glimpses of bygone era. The train crosses the path edged suitably by smaller mangroves and orchards, running though the Pengalat tunnel right before reaching the town of Papar, where you can suitably visit the adjoining local market. While availing the journey you will be getting the box lunch together with the hotel transfer.

Basically the North Borneo Railway one delightful collaboration project between the Sabah State Railway Department, and the SuteraHarbour Resort implying the

Why Steam Train is Popular

The North Borneo Railway is a joint venture project between SuteraHarbour Resort and the Sabah State Railway Department, signifying a historical collaboration between the private sector and the state government. The primary purpose of this collaboration is to underpin the importance of the train as one of the heritage treasures of Sabah, also to promote Sabah as one of the finest destinations to boost the present day railway substructure of the place.

The Half-Day North Borneo Railway Train Ride is certainly pleasant as the train journey gives enough succor to nostalgia. It generates nostalgic romance in mind of people riding through the steam train. However the railroad is built in back 1896 only to shift the wealth of Sabah, to England where all the riches were transported in vessels. While going along the steam train the Crocker Range and the overwhelming South China Sea would seriously give you kiss of nature. These days, the  North Borneo Railway is known to leave a legacy that even young English adventures plan to encounter.

If you love nature and want to relish some natural wonders, then experiencing this train journey is certainly must. The memory will be everlasting for sure.