A day trip to explore 9 different cultural tours

A day trip to explore 9 different cultural tours

Visibly a melting pot of varying values and cultures, Sabah features a number of ethnic groups who follow different principles and their cultural symbols prove how happy they are while living in uncompromising, mutual company. Those visiting Sabah will love exploring these cultural symbols through Sabah Culture Tours to enjoy multi-faceted culture of Sabah. You will love knowing about the lifestyle of these indigenous tribes, the Kota Belud Sunday Market will appear as carnival-like, also the ill-reputed Monsopiad House of Skulls and if you are lucky then you may get a glimpse of world’s biggest flower at TambunanRafflesia Centre. For something exclusive North Borneo Steam Locomotive will get you an experience, you will never forget.

Here are 9 different cultural tours to explore

Half-Day Mari Mari Cultural Village from Kota Kinabalu

This tour will expose vivid vibrant sights before your eyes, the age old Borneo existence at the Mari Mari Cultural Village. You will get to know about the cultures, habits, costumes and practices of five ethnic groups. The group will get you vivid glimpse about the lifestyle and the traditional culinary in dinner will let you relish something really scrumptious. Morning or afternoon tour should be planned so the whole day can be used for enjoying this cultural fiesta.

Half-Day Visit to Borneo Traditional Living Mari Mari Cultural Village

from Kota Kinabalu this half day trip can be planned where you will get a ready glimpse of the life and cultural miscellany of Borneo’s ethnic groups also their age old way of living. You will get to know some unbelievable phenomenon such as lighting fire without using matches or making food with bamboo. Even the architectural marvel will astound you, the exclusive feature of each tribal house within the serenity of jungle is worth relishing. Lastly the tribal dance live is worth watching.

Kudat Peninsula Day Trip to Tip of Borneo

Find the magnificence of the Kudat Peninsula day trip. The trip starts from Kota Kinabalu. Blend with local people in the town of KotaBelud, and probe deeper into the life of the native Bajau and Rungus people groups. Pick up piece of information into their community honeybee cultivation and nectar collecting at KampungGombizau, and visit a historically famousRungus longhouse to gain knowledge of their social customs. Appreciate amazing perspectives over the South China Sea from the majestic trip of Borneo. Catch the perspectives on camera before coming back to Kota Kinabalu.

Rungus Longhouse and Tip of Borneo Experience

The view of the historic longhouse is worth watching from the Tip of Borneo. It would be like 10 hours well-escorted tour under specialized tour guide which integrates hotel pick up as well as dropping at the exact location also the traditional lunch at the Rungus villagewill give you something different to keep the memory intact. To gain that personalized experience, there will be limited group of 12 members giving you a vivid picture about the Sabah crafts, farming, cultivation, and history. The communities of Gombizou and Sumangkap would sing to you their traditional songs while bringing up their honey bees.

D'Place Buffet and Cultural Show

Sabah's local Kadazandusun would be allowing you to relish cuisines, where you will enjoy the local cuisines by means of buffet dinner. You will be getting chance to witness cultural performances and take part in cultural dance with dancers. Right after the photo sessions, you will go back  hotel with a full belly. You will be taking pleasure in a number of local dishes, you will certainly love them. Moreover, the local dances will give you enough dose of fun. The local food joint Sago Grub (Butod), is worth trying out, here you will get chance to enjoy indigenous food. With the native dancers, you can click pictures. You can bid goodbye with love and receive same warmth from them.

Full-Day Kota Belud and Rungus Longhouse from Kota Kinabalu

Here you will love the traditional market of Sabah and this small group tour from Kota Kinabalu would unveil before you varying opportunities to relish marketing different authentic aboriginal items.  including the coach transportation here you will enjoy the lunch. Here you will take pleasure in Borneo’s diverse cultures in the first place and on Sunday you will get right opportunity to enjoy marketing. At Bavanggazo village, you will find villagers will get chance to raise bees and traditional gongs are crafted. This is a market running for 9 hours, tourist would get chance for diverse cultures, this is one vibrant weekly market.

Half-Day Mari Mari Cultural Village from Kota Kinabalu

Tourist love this day tour for it offers a close encounter with the Mari Mari Cultural Village, here you will learn about potpourri of cultures such as Dusun, Bajau, Lundayeh, Rungus, and Murut. Surprises are available at every step when you encounter the blow pipe making process, also the fire initiation close demonstration, the tongue tickling smell of the bamboo is surely tantalizing. There is that pick up and dropping off opportunity from Kota Kinabalu.

Tambunan Day Trip from Kota Kinabalu: Rafflesia Flower and Rainforest Trek

In love with rainforest, Borneo’s rainforest wilderness welcomes you where you will gain insight about the age-old culture preserved by the natives here, this one day trip exposes so much cultural diversity. Tourists would get a chance to explore the rugged geography outfitted with mountainous range, namely Crocker Range under the steady supervision of the guide. Here is that wonderful trekking trail through dense rainforest and that remarkable Rafflesia flower will surprise you greatly. Lunch is delicious here no doubt and local restaurants are worth trying out.

Half-Day Mari Mari Cultural Village Tour from Kota Kinabalu

Explore the Mari Mari Cultural Village, this tour would help tourists understand the Sabah’s culture and time-honored traditions. Here the entrances are free is entirely free. The tour is ideal for families as there would be nothing strenuous, here you will be getting wonderful chance to meet neighborly people.  The traditional houses, bushcraft recreated, also other crafts represent Sabah’s long tradition also tattooing. This one day trip is worth taking a try.